I am lucky to have found very early my centers of interests all around of which to build my future job.

My job is rich in possibilities, evolutionary, which allows me to have access to multiple sectors, which opens me to numerous markets and which allies my artistic sense to my desire to ceaselessly learn and which develops my rigorous skills and  my sens of management acquired during my program and  then during more of 15 years of my work experiences.

I am a graduate of Sup de Co Business School and graduate of French Fashion Institute.

I speak English and Spanish which were my working languages everyday during more than 15 years.

My creative expertise complemented itself according to the years working directly with Style departments of all the companies for which I worked and work to give them external advice on collections.

In addition to this creative capacity, I built my knowledge by occupying posts in direct relation with leaders and managers during more than 15 years as Buyer in charge of Purchases Logistic Production for big international groups specialized in the Luxury in Couture, Ready-to-wear clothing, Decoration, but also for groups and companies working demanding specifications for customers in the retail industry for key account customers.

These experiences as Buyer in charge of Purchases Logistic Production brought me:

- A huge adaptability in any sector and customers' specifications wanting rigorous services 

- A capacity of creation spread to numerous sectors of the economy

- An increasing speed of organization and execution


A daily relationship with manufacturers, subcontractors, European, Indian and Chinese suppliers which constitute one of the bases ceaselessly updated of my current address book gave me a huge experience of the implementation of retro production calendars and logistic coordination.

I created ACMODE company capitalized today for 100 000 euros

ACMODE is the administrative structure from which I charge my services 

I created thanks to a thorough knowledge of multiple graphic softwares













You will find by clicking here below  some of the multisectorial creations

You will find other realisations and multisectorial collections on ACMODE website

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